Woven Raffia Sunhat with Fringe


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Meet our new Woven raffia Sunhat with fringe!
The large brim and fringe detail make it a stylish accessory for sunny days. With the option to choose from five block colours, you have a range of choices to match your personal style.

The fact that it’s handmade in Madagascar adds a special touch, knowing that it’s crafted with care and supports local artisans. Additionally, the large head size provides a comfortable fit for most people, but the availability of a hat filler at craft stores allows you to customize the fit further if needed.

This sunhat will be a practical and fashionable addition to your wardrobe, perfect for protecting yourself from the sun while staying stylish.
Enjoy your stylish sun protection!

Head size 57-58 cm


natural, orange, pink, turquoise, lime

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