Woven Raffia Sun Hat – 2 Tone Cloche


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Practical and stylish, 2 tone Woven Raffia Sun Hat is a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

With an adjustable headsize this woven raffia hat will fit most headsizes. An  8cm brim, to protect you from the harsh sun.

This Woven Raffia Sun Hat will either be worn with the brim upturned, or rolled down , however you like.

She is handcrochet using Raffia, which makes this hat strong, light and squashable to easily fit into your bag.

Care – If she gets wet, blot with a damp cloth and dry in a shaded area.

Sizing – Brim size is 8 cm

Colours – 2 colours are available, turquoise and natural or pink and natural.




natural and pink, natural and turquoise

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