Multicolour Adjustable Crochet Raffia Capeline Hat


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Handcrafted Capeline Raffia Hat from Madagascar
Embrace timeless elegance and vibrant charm with our handcrafted Capeline Raffia Hat, a true testament to the artistry of Madagascar.
Each hat is meticulously crocheted by skilled artisans, ensuring no two are ever the same. This unique quality not only adds to its appeal but also guarantees you own a one-of-a-kind piece.

Key Features:
Handmade Excellence: Lovingly crocheted by skilled artisans in Madagascar, each hat showcases traditional craftsmanship passed down through generations.
Unique Design: With no two hats alike, your Capeline Raffia Hat is as unique as you are, offering a distinctive style that stands out.
Vibrant Colors: The hat bursts with a palette of lively colors, perfect for adding a pop of vibrancy to any outfit.
Natural Material: Made from high-quality raffia, sourced sustainably, ensuring both durability and a lightweight feel.
Versatile Style: Ideal for sunny days at the beach, picnics in the park, or as a statement piece for any outdoor event.

Brim size – approximately 12cm

Head Size – adjustable


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